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Responsible Care

The Responsible Care initiative is the global chemical industry's commitment to sustainable development and openness in activities related to health, workplace safety and the environment.

Chemical industry organizations in each country are responsible for the effective implementation of Responsible Care guidelines at the national level. In Turkey, this responsibility is fulfilled by the Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association.

Setaş adopts and supports Responsible Care guidelines as a voluntary course of action in the chemical industry.

The eight fundamental principles of Responsible Care:


Commitment: The commitment made by the senior administration of a company to adopt the core principles of Responsible Care.

Rules and implementation guidelines: Rules for implementation and necessary guidelines are given to companies so that they can fulfill their commitment.

Performance criteria: Developing performance criteria to monitor improvements where possible.

Communication: Ensuring healthy communication within and outside the company on environmental, health and safety issues

Information sharing: Arranging seminars, meetings and other activities for companies to share experiences and information.

Logo: Creating a logo that defines the national program and is harmonious with the concept of shared responsibility.

Participation: Ensuring that all companies adopt Responsible Care principles.

Confirmation: Observing the measurable effects of Responsible Care commitments on site.