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Sales and Marketing Network

Sales-Marketing Net

Setas has organized its marketing and sales net with local offices, agencies and distributors in order to meet customer expectations at home and abroad quickly and correctly.

Textiles and chemical engineers at the regional sales offices work on sales and applications while technical service staff support the customers in every way regarding the operational trials such as new product trials and process development. Moreover, at the technology center labs test and analysis requests from the customers are assessed concluded in the shortest time possible.

Sales and Marketing net in Turkey

Setas continues to be the most important producer and supplier in the Turkish market due to its experience in chemistry and advanced production capacity since 1967 as well as the commercial and technical support the sales team provides for its customers.

In addition to the Tekirdağ headquarters and marketing office, sales offices and depots are located in Bursa, Denizli, Antep, Maras and İzmir, cities where textile and paper industries are developed.

Sales and Marketing Net Abroad

Turkey has become a trustworthy and popular country to invest and trade with as a result of globally changing social and economic structure. As a result of Turkey’s strategic advantage and constantly growing economy, Turkish Industries are getting stronger and becoming important partners for global producers and consumers for permanent and lucrative investments.

As Turkey’s 462 biggest industrial firm, Setaş has acquired an important place in the global markets by quickly delivering to important textiles centers such as Europe, Middle East, Russia and Western Asia with the advantage of its production facility Colorcenter’s location at the crossroads of Asia and

Setaş appoints a well equipped and competent agency in every country where textiles and paper industries are well developed and sets up production facilities in the countries with high export rates and thus increases its market share with an annual growth of 30%. Setaş exports its products to xxx countries in xxx continents including China, South America, Africa and Europe. The plans for two facilities in Uzbekistan are at feasibility stage.

Advantages in Exports:

Fair prices for high quality products
Quick delivery with the advantage of the location (delivery in 5-10 days to the EU, 40 days to Asia and America)
Quick and on time technical support
Process development projects in cooperation with the customers

Tekirdağ Exports office:

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Setaş has won the 2009 IMMIB “thriving exporter encouragement award”