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Setaş Masterbatch started as a business unit of Setaş Kimya in 2004.  The main purpose was to serve the Polyester Fibre market in Turkey however our operations extended to all types of synthetic fibres (polyester, nylon and polypropylene) and plastics by 2009.


Our portfolio includes black, white, tailormade & mono color, additive and combo masterbatches for fibres and plastics.  Setas Masterbatch business unit reached 10.000 ton capacity in 2016; however there are already plans for production capacity increases to allow production of new products currently being developed at our Technology Center.


With strong R&D capabilities, customer and application specific solutions and large color archives in Polyester, Nylon, and Polypropylene fibers, Setas Masterbatch is preferred supplier to many fibre producers in Europe, Middle East and North Africa.In 2009, Setas made investments in personnel and machinery to increase presence in Plastics Industry. With experienced sales team and high expertise in plastics end applications Setas Masterbatch established itself as one of the leading plastics masterbatch manufacturers especially in Packaging industry where PET has the highest growth rate in usage among all polymers.

Setas Masterbatch offers many solutions for PET sheet and bottle manufacturers ranging from color masterbatches to functional masterbatches like Antiblocks, Viscosity Enhancers, Nucleating Agents, Flame Retardants.

End Applications

Textiles, carpets and upholstery
Packaging and Toys
Household Goods
Construction Materials (Pipes, tubes and Insulation)
Wire and Cables


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