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Powder Coatings SETACOAT

Founded at 1966, Setaş Kimya recognized as one of the most important chemical companies in Turkey has started production of Powder coatings since late 2007.


With annual production capacity of  6.000 tons of Powder coatings, Setaş Kimya has pooled its R&D knowledge and financial strength and captured significant market share in Powder coatings export in Middle East and Eastern European nations since 2008. 


With a team of dynamic, young and ambitious professionals combined with already known traits to Setaş Kimya such as quick service and latest technology “Setacoat” Powder coating division is ready to offer infinite number of solutions to your coating needs. 

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QWhat would happen in case of undercure and overcure?

ACure Schedule is clearly stated on the boxes. Typically undercured Powder will fail mechanical (impact,crosscut,cupping) tests. İn the case of Overcure by higher temparature or longer cure time Powder coating will change color, yellowing occurs.

QIs particle size important for Powder coatings?

AParticle size is important in many ways. Optimum partice size is between 30 micron to 100 micron depending on what type of Powder coating is needed. smaller than 30 micron particle size Powder will fly away from substrate and larger particle size Powder over 100 microns will bounce back from substrate and waste Powder will be more than usual.

QWould there be a problem if tribo guns are used for metallic powder applications?

AFor dry blend metallic powders, free Metal particles will damage the charging kit of tribo systems. Besides the damage, metal particles would not stick to the surface as good as corona systems.

QWhat is the difference between dry-blend metallic and bonded mettallic powder?

ABonding metallic Powder is formed when metallic pigments are fused together to base powder with a special process.This process enables the coater to have stable metallic effects and reusability of metallic powders.

QWhy does transfer paper stick to the base in Decorative series sublimation process?

AIf Decorative base Powder has not been totally cured, Powder will melt and stick to the transfer paper during sublimation process. For best results, coater has to make sure base Powder is completly cured before applying the transfer paper.