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Textile Dyes and Auxiliaries

Turkey has an important place in textiles globally and is quickly becoming a trendsetter in fashion. Such speed is an opportunity for the dye and chemical producers who serve the fashion industry.  Setaş is taking solid steps in the sector with new product ranges, customer cooperation and logistics solutions and aims to become a globally known and preferred trademark.

Setaş first began as a dealer of  international dye companies for textile industry in 1966. In 1987 it carried out the first disperse dye synthesis.. In 1989 it established its own R&D and production facilities and got out of its dealership. Eventually Setaş became the biggest producer competent in textile dyes and chemicals in the Turkish market.

 Setaş offers various disperse dye, reactive dye, acrylic de, acid dye, pigment and chemical groups in liquid, powder and dispersion forms to add value to polyester, cotton, acrylic and polyamide fibers. Technology Center was founded by Setaş to bring together various R&D disciplines. With the synergy created there it is able to develop multifunctional products using numerous production processes.

Color Center production facility has an annual capacity of 15000 tons of dye and 25000 tons of chemicals. Its strategic importance of being located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe provides great logistical advantages for exporters who ship to these continents such as low inventory costs and fast and on time delivery.

Setaş with its management vision of everlasting progress and innovative and dynamic staff works everyday with the same vitality and thus has developed new product ranges in 2010 such as denim chemicals, inkjet dyes and liquid reactive dyes.

Setaş attaches great importance to environmental and public health as well as progress and monitors national and international standards. As the first and only Turkish member of ETAD (The Ecological and Toxicological Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers) since 2002 Setaş displays its awareness about protecting our common future.