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Technology Center

Setaş constantly develops its ability to find new scientific solutions and invests in high-tech and qualified human resources to foresee market expectations, take part in national and international projects and increase the competitiveness of both itself and its business partners. Setaş Technology Center, which became operational in 2011, is the latest and the biggest investment yet, in this respect.

Setaş Technology Center is designed with the aim of benefiting from sharing information and facilities. It has brought all research and development activities together under the same roof, thus creating cooperation and synergy between various disciplines. Most of the employees are college graduates. Its development labs have all the necessary analysis and production equipment, while the application labs can analyze customer needs and expectations and come up with quick solutions.

With the national and international projects undertaken, Setaş can improve its capabilities and contribute to the chemistry sector with long lasting effects.

Setaş is among the few private enterprises in the chemistry sector which has obtained the research and development certificate, provided by the government to those enterprises which employ more than 50 research and development personnel. With this new approach, Setaş was also found eligible for the subsidies of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry.


Management Philosophy

  • 1

    Investment in innovative thought, change and the future.

  • 2

    An R&D approach which targets sustainable development and is clear, solution-oriented and internalized by all staff.

  • 3

    A multidisciplinary synergy created by the coexistence of different sectors and disciplines.

  • 4

    A institutional culture and experience derived from undertaking projects and succeeding in them.